5YF.320.010 Shutter mechanism

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Shutter mechanism


To better protect maintenance personnel, the company's original center cabinet KYN28 shutter mechanism has been optimized to increase the self-locking function. When the handcart is pulled out of the cabinet, maintenance personnel in the maintenance, you can leave the door locked, blocking the contact box and the stationary contact, to avoid electrical shock caused by misuse.

Based on KYN28 switchgear, this mechanism increases self-locking function. Here is the work process. When the handcart is out of the cabinet No.l rotates counterclockwise around No.4 under the action of a tension spring, which makes No.3 slide to the right. And No.7 is blocked because of No.3. When the handcart is pushed into the cabinet, No.l rotates clockwise around No.4 under the action of the handcart, which makes No.3 slide to the left. And No.7 will be unlocked and work properly.


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