ZN85-40.5 Indoor Handcart Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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Indoor Handcart Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZN85-40.5/T(3AV3) indoor handcart vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for three-phase, AC50Hz with 40.5KV rated voltage. It can be used for industrial and mining enterprises, power plants, and substations as load current and overload current fault current, and is suitable for the occasion with the frequent operation.

The circuit breaker adopts an upper and lower arrangement structure to effectively reduce the depth of the circuit breaker. It adopts the composite insulation structure, the three-phase arc extinguishing chamber and the associated electrified body. Separated by three independent epoxy insulation cases, the circuit breaker meets the air distance and creepage requirements under normal operating conditions after the composite insulation structure and it effectively reduces the size of the circuit breaker. The main conductive circuit vacuum interrupter and the dynamic and static conductive connection are installed in the insulation tube, so that the phase-to-phase distance is only 300mm.The main circuit electrical connections are all fixed connections with high reliability.


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