12KV-800A Load Switch

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Load Switch

Load switch of YFC-12KV-800A complies with the technical requirements of GB3804-2004 High-voltage alternating-current switches for rated voltage above 3.6KV and up to and including 40.5KV" and GB16926-1997  "High-voltage alternating current switch-fuse combinations"

Major lp:800A-20KA (4s);25KA13s); Mechanical life: 500 times

Ground loop: 20KA(2s); Mechanical life: 2000 times.


Working condition precautions

Altitude ≤ 1000m, Earthquake intensity ≤ 8 degree

O Class of pollution:II.

O Ambient temperature:-40℃ ~+140℃ ; relative humidity daily average≤  90%, monthly average ≤ 90%

O Not applicable in the place with frequently violent vibrations, or water vapor, gas,chemically corrosive sediments, salt spray, dust and dirt, that would significantly affect the performance of the mechanism, or fire and explosion hazards

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